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Time And Quantum

My book presentation:

Variations on Quantum Theory

List of publications:

A possible origin of quantum correlations.
On quantum superposition of particle’s trajectories.
Inequalities of Bell and Leggett, and quantum superposition. Talk in the Philosophy Institute of Russian Academy on Science
Quantum Correlations and Superluminal Interaction (arXiv 1509.08697)
On the wave function’s nature
On the uncertainty relationship
Non-Locality, Duality, and "Invisible" Photons
Interaction Free Measurements or Interactions without Total Energy Loss?
How to transit to quantum mechanics from classical one
On quantum measurements
Dynamical meaning of quantum superposition principle, or Anti-Everett
Time and quantum behavior
Why Quantum Mechanics is non-local
Bell's theorem and local indeterminism
EPR: alone quantum events description
Interference: alone quantum events description
Way to understand EPR-nonlocality
On classical interpretation of quantum interference (comment)