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Time And Cosmology

The books presentation:

Paradoxes, Logic, and Physical Nature of Time
Alternative Cosmology
Time and Inertia

Main publications:

Time origin and Universe uniform expanding
Unfinished suite for the Universe
On the time discrete course
Do usual gravitating bodies evaporate?
CMBR and BH evaporation
“Extremely Large” Dirac Numbers and Fundamental Constants in Cosmology
About Black Hole’s relief
About Black Hole and Information Paradox
Entropy and evolution
On the photon aging paradox
Is it possible to travel in Time?
Black holes and universe evolution
Why is the body gravitational mass equivalent to the inert one’s
A blunder anatomy or the modern cosmology’s “winding and rugged road”
Can the Universe not be a black hole?
On the energy and momentum concept
Reflections on Second Law of Thermodynamics
Cosmology and metabolism
Entropy of a gravitational force source
On galaxies angular size evolution
On the galaxy distribution depending on redshift
Universe expansion and main spectral peak of CMB
Twin paradox and absolute reference frame
Time and cosmological Metabolism
Time, Entropy, and Universe
Kozyrev's time
Usual collapse and unusual one
Cosmology: a new approach
On_the_preferred_reference_frame existence
On the supernovae low lumosity problem
On the oldest photons phenomenon

Special Relativity and the Universe Evolution
On advanced potentials meaning

How does Universe expand?
Einstein, cosmological constant, and gravitational forces

Early works:

Time As Phenomenon of the Expanding Universe
On the Time, Motion, and Matter Physical Meaning