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About the Site

Dear Visitors!
The results of my investigations on the Time, Motion, and Matter origin are presented here. These ones were started in 1993-th after I had just read the N. Kozyrev’s collected articles. I was very surprized not by his “Causal Mechanics”, but by his general idea to analyze the essence of the Time currency. Then I came to the conception that the Time currency is a sequence and manifestation of the such universal phenomenon as the Uneverse expansion. This idea's development led me to modifying the famous Einstein – Friedmann cosmological model, as it is described in details in the Section "Time and Cosmology”. Some years later, I applied this idea and several other ones to Quantum theory, see Section "Time and Quantum”.

I was very energetically and friendly supported in my investigations by Dr. Alexander P. Levich from Moscow State University (he was the Chairman of Russian Interdisciplinary Temporology Seminar and the WEB-Institute of Time Nature Explorations, he was dead Mars, 30, 2016). I cordially thank him. I also thank Vera A. Suhova for preparing of the site, and the "uCoz" company for support in hosting it.

Michel H. Shulman
Moscow, February, 2007